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PNKCTF is a non-profit organization that aims to support cancer patients in need financially. The organization is committed to helping the underrepresented, including minorities and individuals living in poverty. PNKCTF serves a diverse range of individuals, including the elderly, disabled, homeless, children, unemployed, working poor, veterans, and immigrants. Emergency funds are available to help eligible cancer patients pay for medical expenses not covered by insurance. This includes co-pays, prescribed medications, medical equipment, wigs, prosthetics, and transportation to medical appointments. Eligible patients can also receive assistance with rent, mortgage payments, and other financial obligations.
The PNK Cancer Treatment Foundation (PNKCTF) is a non-profit organization that is striving to ameliorate the financial burdens of individuals diagnosed with cancer. PNKCTF offers hope and emergency relief for financial burdens that individuals undergoing cancer treatment. PNKCTF’s target population are individuals who: (1) have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer, (2) are in active treatment, (3) and are certified by an oncology healthcare provider. These individuals are primarily, but not limited to, underrepresented groups such as minorities and those living in poverty who do not have enough income to support themselves while receiving cancer treatment. Included among them are the homeless, elderly, disabled, children, unemployed, working poor, veterans, and immigrants.
Emergency funds will be awarded to eligible applicants who are undergoing cancer treatment to defray costs of medically related expenses that are not covered by insurance such as: co-pay or payment requirements for procedures, hospitalization, office visits, prescribed medications, medical supplies, and medical equipment that have been deemed medically necessary by a healthcare provider. Assistance will reduce the burden of out-of-pocket costs for medical expenses, wigs, prosthetics, and transportation to medical appointments. Funds will also be provided to help patients pay for their mortgage and/or rent payments and other financial obligations (bills, food expenses) to ensure that they remain current on their financial obligations.

Our Mission

To promote the financial well-being of individuals affected with cancer,
so that they and their loved ones can focus on healing and recovery.

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